About Volt

-who we are-

Two out of control guitar-fanatics, Ewout Nijman (designer) and Sander de Gier (guitarmaker), teamed up to start Volt Electrics, a new brand of electric guitars that takes classic designs to a whole new level.

Sander de Gier

Sander has been a guitarmaker for over 20 years, in which he has built hundreds of guitars and basses, all made to customer specs. The last years his focus has been mostly on basses. Some of the greatest names had one built by him. While he is proud of all the instruments he has made and is still making, a desire grew to build something different.

"I think the start of Volt was that I wanted to build some cool rock'n roll guitars for myself, after building for others for so many years. When Ewout got involved I got real excited. He is constantly raising the bar for me. When I think it is finished, he thinks we're just starting. I think the Reverse is truly the best and coolest guitar I have ever made, but I could not have done this on my own."

BTW, Ever wondered how we came up with the name Volt? De Gier (Sander's last name) means vulture. A volt is a group of vultures. Each guitar we build increases the Volt.

Ewout Nijman

Around 2 decades ago Ewout got very serious about design & guitars. Seeing both as complementary passions that feed off each other, they became an integral part of his life. Ewout completed his Architecture MSc in 2007 and has ever since spend his time refining his design skills with a broad range of design assignments in the fields of architecture, 3D, graphic, web and UI/UX design. During the same time his guitar obsession became borderline uncontrollable, resulting in countless hours of guitar playing, browsing online forums and the accumulation of a shameless heap of gear (including three of Sanders' guitars). His two passions never came together quite like this before, when Ewout got involved in Volt Electrics.

"Volt for me is all about reigniting that first spark of fascination for the electric guitar. It's always been the most badass, fashionable and sexy thing out there. And then it's capable of creating these exciting, beautiful and memorable sounds. There is a lot of nostalgia and escapism involved. More and more I'm drawn to the iconic electric guitars from half a century ago and the music created with them. I want to go back to that era and add to its legacy. Sander makes that dream come true and then some. It's no secret that I'm a fan of his work and I'm honored to be a part of it. His skills, experience, extensive knowledge and love for the instrument inspire me to create guitars you can't put down and can't take your eyes off. After holding the first Reverse prototype in my hands, I knew we were onto something very special. It looks ridiculously cool. The build quality and attention to detail is off the charts. The amplified sound exceeded our wildest expectations. You just instantly bond with it. It's hard to not think of it as your next no.1 guitar."

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